Shelter Boxes

The Sunrise Rotary Club is making a difference in the lives of those affected by natural and man-made disasters. The club has become a major resource in the support of sending Shelter Boxes to the Middle East and Asia.  The purpose of Shelter Box USA, Inc. is to provide victims of disaster with shelter, by supporting the efforts of the Shelter Box Trust.

During disaster the immediate need is overwhelming, but how will the victims continue to survive months down the road? Beyond food and medical supplies, these people need shelter for their families. An adequate place to sleep and live represents more than a way to protect families and individuals from the elements - it represents a small return to normal life. But how can you help? A good answer is to sponsor a Shelter Box. But, what is a Shelter Box? Each Shelter Box provides critical shelter and warmth for up to 10 people. High quality items include: a 10-person tent, 10 sleeping bags, water purification tablets, flashlights/batteries, ropes, cook stove, eating utensils, rain gear, etc. Shelter Box is a grassroots Rotary club project that partners with various relief organizations to help ensure critical shelter arrives for the victims of any geographic area-wherever it is and when people need it most! The cost of a Shelter Box is only $900 or a partial contribution may be made to sponsor a box.

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